Trust Even Through the Motions


Sometimes going through the motions is all you can do.

It was one of those days. One of those days I felt like staying in bed. Heart heavy for discouraged friends. Poor sleep the night before paired with the dreariness of clouds and rain tempt me to stay under the warm covers. I had already blown my plans to get up early to run.

Blessed with a husband who is such an involved a daddy and loves taking the Squirt to school each morning, I am often spoiled and able to slowly wake up. Sometimes an important thing for a night owl like myself who stumbles around in an early bird world.

I couldn’t though. Not this particular day.

I had a special little girl on her way to keep me company for the morning. The laundry would wait no longer. Kitchen needing my attention desperately.

One foot in front of the other. I begin my day. Going through the motions. Shower, make bed, kitchen back in order, start laundry. Hug on a sweet toddler girl.

Almost without realization the tasks of the day accomplished. One foot in front of the other.

This Eucharisteo. This seeking gifts. Searching for His graces. The tiniest of graces for which to give thanks. Life hindering, weighing heavy on the heart. Mundane motions asking for what purpose. No immediate success seen.

Yet I plod through the motions. Giving thanks for gifts I’ve given thanks for time and time again. Slowing down. Saying thanks. Almost liturgical.

In this discipline. In this going through the motions of giving thanks I remember to trust again. Trust that the motions will give way to worship.

For it’s through the Eucharisteo and worship I once again discover His joy.



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