Dreary clouds hide the blue sky. I have learned to find peace in the rain yet after a few days I anxiously await sunshine and the blue sky of fall. Trees blown bare of leaves by storms and rain over the past week. Autumn leaning ever closer to winter.

My morning journal barely seeing a half page. Words are not flowing. I struggle to even write these. Feeling off in my creativity and tempted to ignore instead of pushing through.  This push and pull. Knowing that pushing through often brings creative energy back to the surface.

And really I’m uninspired. I know mostly the restless sleep and difficulty keeping an exercise routine this time of year is to blame. I am by no means a person who likes a rigid schedule and routine, but I find it difficult to keep my normal motivation for exercise when this time of year adds extra activities.

But I know this too will pass. This feeling tired and uninspired. Because I do still have joy.

Again I remind myself all I have to be grateful for. Our families, our friends, our church, our home, our gifts.

The inspiration will return. The words will find their way back. The images I capture on my camera will appear again. For now I will remember that giving thanks is enough for this day.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

(And just because I had to share our favorite tree from flaming red to bare branches.)

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