We interrupt this abnormally rainy schedule….

for a momentary lapse of blue skies and gorgeous clouds.

When I saw these bluse skies on the way home from our afternoon activities I knew I had to take photos or now one would actually believe me.

If you live in Alabama you know that blue skies have been extremely rare the past couple of weeks. It's a running joke that we might need to start building an ark. Of course then we would have animals lined up two by two.

In all seriousness as much as I do not care for rainy days on end I do love seeing the brilliant blue sky after a rain.

So in celebration of the brief glimpses of blue sky you get 4 photos for today instead of just one. So enjoy. It might be a bit before we see them again.

blue-sky_Sep212009_0001web blue-sky_Sep212009_0002web blue-sky_Sep212009_0003web blue-sky_Sep212009_0004web

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