What are Your Strategies?

I find myself distracted easily these days. I don’t know if it’s due to the season of life as a wife and mom to an eleven year old and trying to keep a house in some sort of order or if it is just the pace that life seems to take during this time of year.

And let’s be honest, self discipline has never been one of my best traits. Yet I think there is still hope. I have managed to stay in an exercise routine for most weeks over the past fifteen months.

Finding the quiet to sit down and write or do any of the creative things I love has become very difficult for me though. There is always laundry to do, dinner to prepare, school pick up, etc. I know you moms understand this dilemma.

When I realized that today’s one word at a time for the blog carnival was strategy as I ran yet another errand I began thinking I need a strategy for carving out time and most of all bringing my mind into focus so I could make the most of the time I can find to write. Or even paint, scrapbook or photography, the other creative endeavors I enjoy.

But the writing I know I need to discipline myself to do daily.

So for my post on strategy I want to know what strategies you use to carve out time to write, to stay focused and discipline yourself to write daily?

I do love Alise’s strategy for writers who procrastinate.

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