Whitney and Ben

My little sister got married so of course I have to share photos. Still tons more to edit, but thought I would share these few for now.

Of course she had to have a bouquet of gerber daisies. Hers and my favorite flower.


My sis and her new husband. And yes we like him. Squirt adores him and is thrilled he can now call him Uncle Ben so that's all that needs to be said. Sorry Whit you are now further down on Squirt's list like I am.


She wore yellow shoes. Yes she has to be different.

WhitBenHamm_101610_0093 WhitBenHamm_101610_0090 WhitBenHamm_101610_0071

These are their 'boys'. Prince and little Chip all dressed up in their bow ties for the occassion. (I still wonder about my new brother-in-law with his choice of a poodle for a dog.)


The city of Gardendale was so nice to color their fountain to match my dress for my sister's wedding. Not really. It was colored for breast cancer awareness month, but seriously how cool that is was this color on her wedding day? I only had my sunglasses on me so I think I look a bit odd without my glasses on in this photo. Oh and that quilt she's sitting on was made by one of our great grandmothers.

WhitBenHamm_101610_0311 WhitBenHamm_101610_0280 WhitBenHamm_101610_0314 WhitBenHamm_101610_0135 WhitBenHamm_101610_0197 WhitBenHamm_101610_0208 WhitBenHamm_101610_0212 WhitBenHamm_101610_0220 WhitBenHamm_101610_0228

They all wore yellow shoes.

WhitBenHamm_101610_0332 WhitBenHamm_101610_0346 WhitBenHamm_101610_0351

And of course one of my Squirt all dressed up in his tuxedo. He's never even worn a tie or suit before. He thought he looked like James Bond. His coolness factor was definitely very high that day. Isn't he handsome?


This one might be my favorite photo of the day. She doesn't like that her mouth is so wide open, but I love how she's laughing. Wish I knew what she was laughing about.

WhitBenHamm Oct162010_101610_0645

And of course she has to be different to the very end. Most brides have bird seed thrown or bubbles blown. Not her. Nope. Let's be fire harzardous as well and do sparklers. Very appropriate though since her favorite holiday is 4th of July and Ben proposed on July 4th. Yes. She managed to plan a wedding without any snafus in just 3 months. Only my sister could manage that.


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