Why Essential Oils

Without a doubt, God lead me to essential oils. 

For most of my life, I have watched my mother deal with chronic illnesses. In 1985 she was diagnosed with Chrons disease. Fifteen plus surgeries, a few years use of prednisone, and being a trial patient for Imuran, she was in remission. But turns out long term side effects of medications cause more health issues. More health issues treated with more medication which gives temporary relief only to cause more health issues which were treated with more medications which…..you get the idea. 
This past February she had only a few days to live when she received a liver transplant. The long term use of medications had caused liver disease. Medications that were prescribed to save her life. 
I don’t want you to read this and think I’m against prescription medications or doctors. I have friends who are doctors and if I need immediate treatment to save mine or my family’s lives I want them there. God gave them the ability and knowledge to save lives. My mother will not be able to live without prescription anti-rejection medications now. 
What I have come to believe, though, is that natural remedies are better when battling long term issues. 
The irony is my mother’s health issues did not push me to research essential oils. My hair did. 
I know. That sounds incredibly shallow, but I can assure you I’m not one to obsess over my hair. In the summer of 2012 I decided to train my hair so it did not need washing every day. What I discovered in the process was that shampoos had damaged my scalp and so I began searching for natural ways to care for my hair. In my research I also found a recipe for a natural facial cleanser. A cleanser that used an essential oil. I was having a difficult time finding a facial cleanser that did not irritate my eyes later in the day. I knew it had to be the cleansers because I don’t wear make-up. Cleansing my face was the only thing I did. So I decided to give the oil cleansing method a try. 
I loved it. 
Around the same time I came across a blog post from someone who had weened herself off all anti-anxiety and depression medications using essential oils. 
God was beginning to connect the dots for me. 
Then I had a friend who took a lavender pill one day for a headache. She began using essential oils and could not stop talking about them. I mean seriously she could not shut up about them. As my mother was close to losing her battle while waiting on a liver transplant my friend was sharing more and more about essential oils. 
God connected the dots for me. He was showing me there was a better way to treat health issues. I already firmly believed in regular chiropractic care for better health. But I also decided to try essential oils for the issues I was having, most of which returned with the stress of my mother’s illness: chronic headaches, poor sleep, increasing anxiety, and chronic sinus congestion. 
I haven’t taken any medication since beginning the use of essential oils in March. 
So yes, without a doubt I know God lead me to essential oils. Tomorrow I’ll begin sharing what I use and also other uses for different essential oils.
Do you use essential oils? Do you have a favorite?


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