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Today I received the last email for the 13 week workshop by Ali Edwards I’ve been taking at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The workshop was called Yesterday & Today. Throughout the workshop we worked with old photos & stories as well as new photos & stories.

I’ve taken a few online classes before. A few from Jessica Sprague and a few at Big Picture. I managed to get through most I took at Jessica Sprague, but for some reason the timing or life just got in the way of the ones I took from Big Picture. I saved all the downloads so I hope to go back and complete them. All that to say my goal when I started this one was to complete it on time. I don’t scrapbook with the philosophy that I have to be caught up so that wasn’t what drove me. I just wanted to be able to complete it.

And I am so excited to say I have. The one thing I really like about this workshop was how it has helped me come up with a system for getting old photos scrapped.

Anyway, here are the last two pages. Thanks for all the sweet comments left about my previous pages. The designs for all these are Ali Edwards’s designs and I loved how simple they were to use and how the focus stayed on the journaling and photos.

With this first one we were to use a divided page protector to scrap all those bits and pieces of our lives. I decided to put our ticket stubs from the two plays we saw at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and the promo cards for them. Along with an itunes gift card and an article from the member magazine from the High Museum. I left one pocket open to add something later.


For the last week we were supposed to go back and make a page using a design from a previous week. I have always loved these photos of my grandfather. Even though I wasn’t born when these photos were taken they remind me of my early childhood memories of him before he became sick. My dad looks so much like him now. So much so the kiddo saw a photo of him and asked if it was his Pop.


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