Yo-Yo Heart

I sat down this morning to work on a couple of posts I have in progress only to find my mind wandering. So I decided to write a random stream of consciousness post for Life Unmasked then decided it wasn’t worth posting. Who really wants to read my crazy random thoughts especially about the lady in Walmart yesterday who walked up behind me as I was looking at the Krispy Kreme donut display and says “You don’t need those donuts.” My first thought was “how incredibly rude!” Turns out she was speaking to a lady on the other side of the display. Thankfully I don’t react quickly or it could have been ugly. Don’t get between a girl and her chocolate iced donuts.

Or my random thoughts about the IRS saying we owed $1500 (this just two weeks after having to have a new air conditioning unit installed) because we can’t claim our son because his social security number wasn’t on file with the social security administration even though it has been for 12 years now. Turns out it was a mistake and we owe them nothing.

Or who wants to hear about how I love hearing the birds in my yard all throughout the day, but these baby birds in a nest on the floor of my fireplace are going crazy and in turn driving me almost crazy.

But then I had to go to Walmart again today for a few things I forgot yesterday. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?) It’s been a cloudy day after the storm we had yesterday afternoon, but the clouds are trying to break apart and as I was driving I stopped and took a photo of the beautiful sky and was once again reminded to stay amazed at the gifts God gives us. I’m always staring at the sky and taking cloud photos. I should have been a meteorologist. If only I had been better at science.

But then Walmart happened again. Why do they place two shopping cart corrals with only one parking space between them and one of them taking up a bit of that parking space between them? I take a deep breath. It’s okay. Remember that beautiful sky God just gave?

I walk inside to retrieve the 6 items needed. I make my way to the checkout lanes thinking I’ll get through the 20 items or less lane quickly. Alas it was not to be. Someone needed to relearn how to count. Not just one cart full, but two. And yes I did instagram my frustration within minutes of instagramming my praise.

20 items or less

Most days my heart feels like a jerky yo-yo. One minute in awe and amazement of all God gives and the next aggravated with people who are so inconsiderate to use the 20 items or less lane with 200 items.

It’s not pretty people. Not pretty at all. I guess our hearts will always be works in progress.

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