You Don’t Know Her Story

Parents gathered in the entryway. Waiting on the bus that would carry them and the children on a field trip. I stand chatting with the teacher as I hear another mom saying to another “well these are my walking shoes.” I glance over to see her in four inch heels and skin tight clothes. “I usually wear five inch heels,” she laughs.

“And what does that say about you?” I think to myself.

The bus arrives and the students file on. We begin the hour journey to our destination. The children listen to and learn from the tour guide and are then released to explore the exhibits on their own.

I see the mom and her son. He remains as shy as I remember him from days I have substituted. The mom’s attitude comes across as flirtatious as I see her interacting.

My thoughts focusing on how she is dressed. How she walks.

And my thoughts are not kind.

We leave this stop on our trip and I feel that gentle tap on my spirit.

“You didn’t talk to her. You hid inside your comfort zone. Did you make an effort? Introduce yourself and ask her about herself?”

God reminds me.

“You don’t know her story.”



Too often I hide behind my shyness and make judgmental assumptions instead of looking deeper for a person’s story. Do you struggle with judging someone based on their appearance and attitude instead of remembering we all have a story?

Life: Unmasked

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